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[Download Now] Dirk Zeller – The Complete Training Library


Dirk Zeller - The Complete Training Library

Dirk Zeller – The Complete Training Library

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Product Description

If you truly want to master and become a Champion in every part of the Real Estate Sales Process, it’s time you look into how to get…
The Complete Training Library
Real Estate Success Through Comprehensive,
Systemized Training

Dear Champion Agent,After looking at the complete training library we’ve assembled over the last 8 years or so, it’s hard not to feel proud of what we’ve accomplished. It really amounts to the most comprehensive, systemized group of Real Estate Training products ever assembled.My goal was not only to address the topics, but to give you time tested and proven tactics, scripts, dialogues, and tools. That way anyone can use these tools, whether you’re a brand-new Agent or an experienced Agent. Literally, any one of these programs can help you advance your career right out of the box.

I don’t want to take all the credit either. You’ve directly and indirectly helped me assemble the Complete Training Library. You see, over the years I’ve been listening to your comments, suggestions, and input, and have set out to create a training library that helps cover all aspects of the Real Estate Sales Process.

“Any Agent Can Use These Tools… Right Out of the Box”

You can’t go wrong when you decide to invest in the Complete Training Library.

Did you notice the trophy amongst the training products up above? That trophy signifies the achievement of your Real Estate Success. Your success still depends on you and the effort that you expend toward its attainment, but with the proper training to improve your skills, you can help ensure that you advance towards it.

Below you’ll see a quick summary of each of the programs you’ll receive in The Complete Training Library:

System #1: The Success Trio™

The Success Trio One of the most common questions I get asked on a daily basis is, “Where should I start? What programs should I should invest in first?”My answer’s always the same: If you want to kickstart a revenue increase in a short amount of time and also ensure your success in the future, you want to invest in a program that covers 3 critical areas that will determine your level of success and revenue…

If you don’t have these areas mastered, you’re probably leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in GCI on the table – I’ve seen it happen even with most successful Top Producers that I’ve coached. So what are these fundamental areas of your business? Take a look:

<td align=Mastery of Your Leads: How to not only have more leads, but save thousands of hours of time by having systems in place to capture, qualify, and follow-up with leads so you can convert significantly more prospects
<td align=Delivering a Dynamic Listing Presentation: How to not only nail every listing presentation, but increase how many face-to-face appointments you go on as well
<td align=Converting/Committing Your Buyers: How to get highly-motivated buyers 100% committed to you at nearly every appointment you take

These areas are so important, yet also extremely hard to master as there are simply so many elements you have to look into. Take it from me: it can take many years of painful trial & error to develop the right scripts, strategies, and specific systems to reach the pinnacle of your real estate career. The good news if that you don’t have to! The hard work has already been done for you, and you’re going to get access to all of it in The Success Trio™.

System #2: The Tough Times Survival Kit™

Tough Times Survival Kit In response to the tougher markets, I’ve recently put together what I call the “Tough Times Survival Kit”. It contains three full-length training programs that address the 3 biggest challenges Agents face today.There are three “mission-critical” (Your Mission of Succeeding in Real Estate) areas you need to address:

  1. How do you “Protect Your Commission” from the “Fee Discounters”?
  2. How do you acquire the “Survival Sales Skills” necessary to make sure you capitalize on every opportunity, before your competition does?
  3. How do you position yourself in such as way as to “Create Market Dominance” for yourself?
System #3: Objection Handling Mastery™

Objection Handling Mastery What’s the single biggest stumbling block for Real Estate Agents with a prospect?The answer: Objections.

We all hate them, and for most of us, if we aren’t prepared for them, they stop us dead in our tracks. At the very least, they make us lose our train of thought and put us in retreat mode. You can’t close a deal when you are running from objections. That’s why we’ve put together this turnkey Objection Handling Training Program.

What would your life be like if you had the answers to just about every Seller and Buyer objection? A lot of Agents get the “deer-in-the-headlights” look when an objection comes out, but our programs will arm you with almost 200 scripts and the know-how to use them to transform objections into sales opportunities.

You’ll be able to handle just about every objection you might hear and make yourself virtually bulletproof to objections. If you’ve ever had problems with a Buyer or Seller killing your progress with an objection, you owe it to yourself to invest in this program.

System #4: Foreclosure Mastery™

Foreclosure Mastery I am often asked: “Dirk, what’s the next big thing going to be?”Well, if you asked me that question specific to lead generation, I’d have to say foreclosures are going to be the next big thing for new lead generation.

If you had foreclosure information in a timely manner and were equipped to deal with this specific type of lead, it could mean 100 – 595 brand new leads every month in a market with 100,000 households.

Most Agents don’t know how to handle prospects in foreclosure and usually see them as junk prospects. So, there’s very little competition for you in this niche.

I‘ve built a complete system for you with several hours of audio training that takes you through all the aspects of foreclosures and how to generate, capture, qualify, and convert them to new listings.

This program covers my comprehensive system, from beginning to end, on how to use the RealtyTrac® Foreclosure leads delivery system and generate new leads and listings from the foreclosures and defaulted properties in your area.

System #5: The REALTOR®‘s Ultimate Car Companion™

Car Companion I‘ve hand selected and bundled 10 of my best (and favorite) 1 hour audio training programs for this series.With this program you can literally rescue the time you’ve been wasting in your “office-on-wheels” and turn it into prime hours of Real Estate Training.

System #6: Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues in
a Changing Marketplace™

Mastering Powerful Scripts and Dialogues in a Changing Marketplace With 15+ pages of scripts for both buyers and sellers, a 60+ page workbook full of tools, charts, graphs, strategies, and around 4 hours of in-depth audio training and instruction, this program is going to give you exactly what you need to streamline your business for increased income and commissions in today’s changing marketplaces.Each script, tool, and strategy has been developed over 10+ years in the real world and proven to generate top-producing results. There will be no trial and error on your part!

The problems that I mentioned before: Sellers are still clinging to the old market pricing and not willing to price their properties competitively, the negative media has replaced the Agent as the main source of real estate information, inventory is high and urgency is low in buyers, etc. will all be solved in this program for you.

System #7: The Secrets of the Mega-Producers™

The Secrets of the Mega-Producers In this program you’ll learn the major differences that separate the average Agent from the Champion, and how you can make the proper changes (that most Agents never make) in your business that have been refined over many years in the field by myself and some of the biggest Agents in North America.Basically what it boils down to is 12 specific secrets revealed in detail that Mega-Producers use to consistently achieve 80+ transactions per year with high profit margins & more time off.

The program contains a combination of the actual live seminar audio I mentioned above along with added instruction presented by one of our coaches – Someone who’s been in the shoes of both a struggling Agent to one who’s achieved their goals of consistently closing over 120 homes/year.

Needless to say, he knows exactly what needs to be done for you to achieve similar results, and we’ll reveal how you can do it step-by-step.

System #8: The Champion Agent’s Guide to Tough Market Domination™

Tough Market Domination We’ll reveal to you a soup-to-nuts approach for generating more business from more lead sources than we’ve ever revealed before. Together, we’ll tear apart the top 11 lead sources you can and should be generating business from right now.We’ll give you 5 complete business-in-a-box solutions to lead sources you may not even be tapping into right now.

You’ll get a step-by-step sales approach, complete with the scripts to use on the phone and in-person for: Expired Listings, For Sale By Owners, Foreclosures & Pre-foreclosures, Orphaned Clients, and Absentee Non-Owner-Occupied homeowners.

All 5 turn-key (A-Z for both Sales & Marketing) business growth modules come complete and can be used together or stand-alone.

System #9: Instant Listings™ From Expireds

Instant Listings From Expireds It’s a fully comprehensive set of proven Real Estate Sales & Marketing tips, techniques, strategies, tactics, and systems. It’s designed to make any Agent, willing to put forth the effort, an expert at turning Expired Listings into high-quality (easy-to-close) prospects resulting in super-high-quality listings.Everything necessary for success with Expireds is in it. All you have to do is add effort.

This program is going to guide you step-by-step, from A through Z, to give you the precise strategies & tactics to achieve the results you want.

In it, you’ll get a complete Instant Listings™ Marketing Plan – it’ll help you fly in below the prospect’s radar and instantly get them interested in what you have to offer.

You’ll get a complete set of systems that automates your lead qualification and empowers you by having the qualified prospects chasing you down. There’ll be no more wasted time calling uninterested leads for you.

System #10: The Champion Real Estate Agent’s™ Audio Series

The Champion Real Estate Agent's Audio Series This program is not a theoretical view of Champion Performance or a theoretical view of how to be successful as a Real Estate Agent – there are enough of those programs. I will reveal the exact pathway up the mountain that I discovered and personally used well over a decade and a half ago. Through coaching people up that same pathway for almost ten years, I have fine-tuned that process to speed up the journey for you and others.I want to be clear that this program is not written from the standpoint of, “I am a Champion Agent, what do I do now to grow, expand, and increase my business and production?”. That type of program is really for less than 1% of the real estate population.

This program was created for the Agent who wants to reach the Champion Agent Level. When I look at some of the recent best sellers in real estate sales, they are theoretical in nature; they describe the journey of a wildly successful Agent once they have already established a large practice with lots of assistants. The question is what did they do, say, think, market, prospect, monitor, and perfect in order to reach the top of the mountain? That’s what you will find contained within The Champion Real Estate Agent™. This program will become your blueprint to success.

System #11: The REALTOR®‘s Ultimate Business Planning Kit™

The REALTOR's Ultimate Business Planning Kit Most folks have just a few “wishes” for their Real Estate Business and life. These haven’t yet been crystallized, formalized, or prioritized which causes most Agents fall substantially short of their “secret desires”. Does this sound familiar? Come on now… be honest! I firmly believe that NO ONE should run their business or live their lives that way.Almost as important, you’ll master the ability to adapt a business plan with steps, benchmarks, systems, strategy, and tactics that you can implement so you will achieve any goals and objectives that you desire. The secrets I’ll reveal to you have been proven to do this (which you’ll read about in the case study further down the page).

System #12: Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever™

The program addresses the fundamentals to achieve success both professionally and personally. Dirk shares a bonus sixth step that has dramatically changed his life over the last eight years. Learn how to use this step to create unbelievable wealth in your life.If you’re half way through the year or coming down to the wire, don’t let that hold you back. Commit today to do things a little differently from this day forward and join Dirk as he delivers five of the most important steps you need to do, over the next handful of months, to have YOUR best year ever.

System #13: The Real Estate Success Library

 />You’ll receive all 6 of Dirk’s books:</p>
<table border= * Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies® * Telephone Sales for Dummies® * Successful Time Management for Dummies® * The Champion Real Estate Agent™ * Your 1st Year in Real Estate™ * The Champion Real Estate Team™

System #14: The Complete Digital Library

Complete Digital LibraryYou’ll have unlimited downloads and access to our Training Hub that hosts my Complete Digital Training Library. Titles include:

* 7 Smart Ways to Explode Your Production – Streaming Audio
* How to Increase Your Income by $100K – Streaming Audio
* 5 Steps to Finishing Strong – Streaming Audio
* Mindset of a Champion – Streaming Audio
* Jump Start Your Production – e-Book
* Blueprint for Success – e-Book
* Successful Selling in Tough Times and Tough Markets – e-Book
What you’ll receive in The Complete Training Library:
  • System 1: The Success Trio™ [$297 Value]
  • System 2: The Tough Times Survival Kit™ [$397 Value]
  • System 3: Objection Handling Mastery™ [$397 Value]
  • System 4: Foreclosure Mastery™ [$497 Value]
  • System 5: The REALTOR®‘s Ultimate Car Companion™ [$197 Value]
  • System 6: Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues in a Changing Marketplace™ [$147 Value]
  • System 7: The Secrets of the Mega-Producers™ [$147 Value]
  • System 8: The Champion Agent’s Guide to Tough Market Domination™ [$397 Value]
  • System 9: Instant Listings™ From Expireds [$297 Value]
  • System 10: The Champion Real Estate Agent’s™ Audio Series [$67 Value]
  • System 11: The REALTOR®‘s Ultimate Business Planning Kit™ [$247 Value]
  • System 12: Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever™ [$57 Value]
  • System 13: The Real Estate Success Library [$97 Value]
  • System 14: The Complete Digital Library™ [$97 Value]
  • Total Value: $3,338
  • Total Savings: $1,341 (as opposed to if you ordered everything separately)

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    The lessons were clear and well-organized.

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    The course was very engaging and easy to follow.

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    Great pacing and easy to follow. Perfect for busy professionals.

  4. Rachel Harris (verified owner)

    The lessons were clear and well-organized.

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    I enjoyed the hands-on approach of this course.

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    The instructor’s expertise is evident throughout the course.

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