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Internet Money University1Internet Money University

Course Curriculum

Links to Tools
Shopify Introduction (1:35)
Mindset for Drop Shipping (2:48)
Building a brand (7:22)
Building a Brand
Checkout settings (4:14)
Domain Setup (0:56)
Setting up shipping rates (4:36)
Themes (5:05)
General store vs niche store (2:46)
Mindset for Finding Hot Products (3:54)
Product Research (15:06)
Product Research Tools (18:30)
How to add Value to your product and charge more
The 5 Step Mind Hacking Process
importing products (4:25)
Top apps (16:34)
Top apps list
Product Description (23:51)
Epacket (2:30)
How to get faster shipping (6:08)
Store Update (10:33)
Top Stores
List of Niches
Top 2018 Niches
shopify store conversion checklist (1)
How to find IG pages (11:03)
How to contact Influencers (6:19)
IG contact template
IG Pricing (6:04)
IG PRICING template
Social Blade (5:29)
IG Post Structure (10:08)
IG Post Structure Template
How to grow store IG Page (12:04)
How to grow your store IG page Template
How to Tell what the issue is (3:25)
Testing and Scaling on IG (17:05)
Advanced Instagram Influencer Marketing (10:24)
Setting up Facebook Business account (11:48)
What is a Facebook pixel
Understanding the facebook pixel (8:25)
Passion Page vs General Page
Passion page vs general page (14:24)
Growth Hacking FB pages (24:33)
How to growth hack your Facebook page to thousands of likes and follows in a week
Basic Facebook Ad Campaign (22:35)
PPE post engagment (4:31)
Flex Targeting Passionate audiences (53:23)
Flex Targeting Explained
Basic Facebook split testing (16:14)
Ben’s Advanced Split Testing (11:08)
Basic Scaling (6:14)
Nicks Scaling Strategy (63:35)
Ben’s Advanced Scaling (35:16)
Retargeting and creating look alike audience (15:22)
Top secret Facebook Tools (36:43)
KPI (13:06)
1 x 10 FB Strategy (9:21)
Interactive Vs Direct Marketing (9:13)
Venus Fly Trap (8:57)
Customer Journey (9:49)
Horizontal Vs Vertical Scaling (5:28)
Why breaking even is good (4:40)
Budget Splits
4 Step Customer Funnel
3 x 3 (6:38)
Carpet Bomb (3:51)
Bullly Method (2:26)
M + V =S (3:09)
Invest in Cold Traffic (5:41)
Master Retargeting (7:43)
Complete Ecom Funnel (6:02)
Model your content (5:00)
Testimonial Retargeting (4:29)
Ride the Wave (3:24)
Twitter Influencers
Twitter Influencers (4:26)
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Template
I Have Not Received My Product Yet
No Information On My Tracking
Refund – Keystone
Refund – Tripwire
Product Damage
Whats My Tracking Number
Why Is This Shipped From China

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    The practical examples made it easy to understand the concepts.

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    I was able to apply what I learned immediately. Thank you!

  6. Jennifer Hernandez (verified owner)

    I appreciated the clear and concise instructions.

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