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[Download Now] Lance Edward – Raising Private Money Home Study System 2.0


Lance Edward - Raising Private Money Home Study System 2.0

Lance Edward – Raising Private Money Home Study System 2.0

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Now! A Leading Real Estate Expert Shows
How You Can Easily Finance Any Real Estate
Deal In Any Money Market – Without Any
Personal Cash, Credit or Experience

“You Can Use Recession to Accumulate
A Fortune Once You Know How to
Stop Fighting and Start Using
The Raising Private Money System”

Learn How You Can Become A “Super Money-Magnet”
in Today’s Private Money Market and Draw Life’s
Richest Rewards To You The Easy Way…


What You’ll Receive.

My comprehensive Home Study System is divided into eight distinct modules that are designed to give you EVERY tool, tactic and resource that you need to start raising big private money TODAY.

It addresses both the skillset and mindset of raising private money for big ticket deals.

You will receive a full and professionally edited copy of the audio recordings from the live boot camp plus all handouts, visual aids, forms, templates, scripts, marketing pieces and every other material that those who attended live received.

Again, since you can afford to do an unlimited number of deals when you master the skill of raising private money, you can leverage this critical skill to place your real estate business into overdrive – using none of your money – and on a part-time basis, until you are ready to leave your job (which will be soon).

Module 1: Why Private Money?

 width=You’ll learn the principles of wealth creation and financial freedom of the New Rich. The old lessons we were taught in school about creating financial freedom work – but they take 30-40 years. Learn how the New Rich are doing it in 5 years (actually much, much faster) by understanding the new rules.

Examine the remarkably rapid ability of leverage and velocity to create large wealth for you in real estate using other people’s money. Part of the secret to raising private money is that there is no formal structure other than what you and your investor(s) agree to.

You’ll be blown away when you learn how easy it is to write the rules thru private investors such that it can be game over – financial freedom – for you in 1 deal. Be prepared to have a mindset readjustment on the topic of wealth and financial freedom!


Module 2: Formula for Success

 width=Most people think there is just 1 part to raising private money – a high return. Actually, there are 4 parts (and a bonus component). And just advertising a high return is not necessarily the best way to attract private money.

Learn the Raising Private Money Formula that is not taught in other real estate courses. Thru the creative application of this formula, combined with your own integrity, you’ll have access to 5 , 6, 7 or 8 figures or more for your real estate deals (just like Jim Craig’s $20 Million he raised – more below).

Whether you are seeking a Buyer or Investor, this private money formula works. And the power of it comes from unlimited application of each of its 4 parts. And you’ll have the next 3 modules teaching you all of the formula’s rich and specific applications.


I’m Ready To Get Started Right Now!

Module 3: Accessing the Source

 width=Let’s face it. If you don’t know where to look, your chances of raising private money are pretty slim. And we are not talking about conducting luncheons for doctors and dentists. (Given that public speaking is the leading fear – even ahead of death – it doesn’t make sense to make you a public speaker.) So don’t worry, no luncheons are required!

Raising private money is about raising money – privately. So you’ll learn where to look for funding sources that are already familiar with real estate. By targeting predisposed sources, you won’t waste time selling prospects on the merits of real estate – they are already sold.

You just need to sell your investors on the merits of your deal – which you’ll learn how to do in Module 7.

Learn the 5 broad categories of where to find predisposed sources of funds for your real estate deals. Discover the extensive list of sources to reach within each of those 5 categories. You’ll walk away from this module with a new confidence of the wealth of sources available to you right now.

And the beauty of it is that most of these sources are FREE to reach. But there will be more on that in Module 7 – Marketing for Money.


Module 4: Structuring the Deal

 width=Perhaps the most popular topic when it comes to raising private money, this topic is the largest component of the training. Learn how to creatively apply the Raising Private Money Formula to structure deals that will attract private money to you.

This teaching reveals the psychology of your private investors and how to address their needs explicitly in your deals. Adopt this cookie cutter strategy to your raising private money practice – and your real estate business – and you’ll have access to all of the funds you’ll ever desire.

Learn the common entity structures in real estate transactions with private money sources; as well as legal documents drawn from actual deals.

Cash flow is paramount when it comes to buy-and-hold transactions – whether short-term rehab flips or long-term rental properties. And we chronicle for you creative win-win structures that provide you cash flow for your 100% financed deals.

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Module 5: 50 Creative Applications

 width=You will learn over 50 PRECISE and creative applications for applying the Raising Private Money Formula for your next big ticket deal. You’ll have an index of 50 private money techniques available to you so that you can get that next big deal deal financed and done.

We review each of the 50 applications – technique by technique – to arm you with this arsenal of private money financing for your deals.

Of course, you are not limited to these 50 applications. Your mastery of the Raising Private Money Formula gained in the previous modules empowers you to infinitely design and apply your own specialized techniques!


Module 6: Playing in Bounds (with the SEC)

 width=You have total flexibility in how you structure your deals with your private money sources but there’s an area of critical importance that most people gloss over (or fail to mention).

And that area is the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Play in bounds of the SEC and you create financial freedom. Play out of bounds and you risk loss of all freedom. Ouch.

Learn where the boundary lines are in raising private money. You don’t want to have a “foot fault” here so you’ll learn how to identify and safely play within the boundaries. It’s actually very straightforward once you hear this explanation of the SEC rules.

I’m Ready to Take Action!

Module 7: Marketing for Money

 width=Armed with the power of the Raising Private Money Formula in capturing the imagination of your private money sources, it’s now time for the act of attraction – the process of marketing.

Learn how to target-market to private money sources that are motivated to see you become financially free. Learn how to craft a simple, yet captivating, message that will differentiate you from the amateurs flogging their copycat and lame pleas for money.

Stand out with the confidence that your offers will get noticed and grabbed.


Module 8: Getting It Done

 width=Knowledge without a game plan is worthless. In real estate, we are always marketing for 2 things: deals and dollars. It’s a consistent process of small daily and weekly steps. Action is the part that separates the dreamers from the wannabes.

That’s why in this module I detail EXACTLY what action steps for you to take on a daily and weekly basis to insure that you WILL achieve at a high level. This module gives a complete game plan so that you can schedule and get real results starting out of the gate – creating your own Performance Dashboard.

Doing real estate part-time now? Perfect. Learn the same systems that I use to run my full-time real estate business on a part-time basis. Success does not have to be hard and in this critical module you will learn how to program yourself for automatic success.


Bonus Module: Ask the Expert

 width=In this Ask the Expert session, you will hear an interactive session between me and a student with a big ticket mini-warehouse deal.

Listen to me critique the deal and answer questions concerning cash flow and private money options.


Support Materials, Templates & Scripts

 width=You’ll receive all of the handouts from the live boot camp plus my newest ones!

Your Support Materials include Private Money Templates, Legal Documents from actual deals, Credibility Kit sample, Marketing Pieces, Scripts, and personal Performance Dashboard!

These are all of the documents you need to start your Raising Private Money machine. It’s the same system that I use.

“This course is the most comprehensive “holistic” method”

“In today’s changing markets you need a clear direction on your path to wealth, that’s what Raising Private Money is. This course is the most comprehensive “holistic” method that you can get, it covers your mind, attitude and steps to follow. I would definitely recommend.”

Cris Cuevas

“There was a lot of really good pertinent information”

“I am so excited! I wish I could just go ahead & quit my regular job and just get to do this full-time. I learned very much from Lance, and I love that he has shared these templates and forms so that we really can succeed at Raising Private Money! It’s concrete on what needs to be done and how. There was a lot of really good pertinent information. Thanks!”

— Lelia Culpepper

“Extensive complete and detailed information”

“This is extensive, complete and detailed information for a 2 day training. From mind set to knowledge, marketing and systems and performance dashboard. I am going to follow the system and show that this really works.”

— Sue Sun


Check Out What More of My Students Are Saying…

Here are some more testimonials from my students who attended the live event:


“Course is a wonderful tool for any serious real estate entrepreneur”

“Lance’s low-key but detailed teaching style along with his vast knowledge of how to acquire private money makes this course a wonderful tool for any serious real estate entrepreneur.”

— Patrick Gilmore


“This is one of the most informative seminars I have attended”

“This is one of the most informative seminars I have attended regarding real estate investment strategies. I had no idea how to go about funding large deals before this class, but now I do… I also appreciate your integrity, your energy and your commitment to making a difference in other people’s lives. Thank you.”

— Charlotte Wilson

“Once again Lance opened my eyes to new ways of getting deals done”

“Once again Lance opened my eyes to new ways of getting deals done. I plan on using these methods to grow my business ASAP.”

— Steven Knipp

“‘Raising Private Money’ seminar has removed
the ‘roadblocks’ in my mind”

“The “Raising Private Money” seminar has removed the ‘roadblocks’ in my mind that have prevented me from doing bigger deals in the past. Now, I feel equipped to pursue the big deals and begin creating true wealth today!”


Brant Phillips

“I’m on the way to tremendous success”

“Lance, this is my second seminar with you and they were both great. You have simplified a very complex and essential element of investing. I now feel that I can go out and access all the money I will need to reach my goal of passive income. It looks so much easier than I would have imagined. I’m on the way to tremendous success.”

Ray Conley

“This course has been enlightening”

“This course has been enlightening on several levels. First, Lance organized the material in a way that flowed well and built on each subject. The presentation was done very professionally and the audience participation was tactfully brought into the seminar at appropriate times. I enjoyed the information and learned that money is definitely available. It gave me some ideas of how to invest my own funds as well. Great job, Lance!!”

— Walter Speck


I Want My Own System Now!

Your Motivation to Change Your Life Now…

Success comes to those who take decisive action. As your reward for acting now and ordering this program, you will receive these remarkable bonus items which even the original students did not receive at the live event! (Shhh… Don’t tell them).


BONUS #1: 90 Days of email Consultation – $1500 Value

Upon your order, you will receive 90 days of email consultation to get your personal questions answered – answers to your questions on raising private money or on your specific private money deals.


You simply email your question and you’ll get your questions answered. Plus we’ll review your actual private money marketing and/or deals – prior to submittal – and all of this support is included as your tuition for the next 90 days.


The value of this support could be tens of thousands of dollars in assisting you with getting into the right deal – the financial freedom kind of deal – just like Jim Craig.

BONUS #2: Written Transcript of the Entire Program – $197 Value

 width=Besides the 12 hours of audio recordings from the 2 day live boot camp, you will receive a written transcript – with color inserts – of the entire training. Use this written treasure as your guide and reference to the entire program. You can now learn by multiple modes – audio, written or both.


You will also receive an Audio Table of Contents which references what’s contained on each CD. Use the Audio Table of Contents to pinpoint any topic of interest – on the audio recordings and/or on the transcript – as you embark on your new path to private money success!

I’m Ready to Change My Financial Destiny

RPMBONUS #3: Immediate Access – Priceless.

Your complete Home Study System will be shipped to you via UPS soon after placing your order. But I know you want to get started right away. So, as my bonus, you will have immediate access to the information when you place your order now.


Upon your order, we will email you the digital versions of all audios and handout information and all bonuses so you can get started right now! And then, you’ll have the added convenience of the physical CD’s, Guides, Transcripts, Scripts, Templates and Samples once they arrive at your door.

Act TONIGHT and you will also receive my full DVD set featuring one of my LIVE events!!! Usually sold separately for $897.00, I am giving you the complete 8 disc set for FREE as a bonus for acting now!!!

That’s $2594 of Bonuses When You Order Right Now

But It Gets Even Better…

Learn It All Without Risking A Thin Dime.

You can get it right now for $5000 $697 – on a priority basis! And I pay the shipping and handling!

You will receive the complete audios from my 2 day intensive boot camp along with the Handouts, the Scripts, the Templates, the Legal Documents – that were produced for the event.

PLUS you will receive the training materials and resources that even the original students did not receive – the Transcript, the 30 Day Quick Start Guide, the 90 days of email consultation and support, and the How-To Guide on Creating a Winning Business Plan.

You’ll have EVERYTHING that those who spent big bucks to attend received. (Plus more when you include the bonuses. Valued at $2594, the bonuses are my gift to you for taking action now.)

You Have Nothing But Upside – Click Here Right Now

Here’s the Craziest Offer I’ve Made Yet.

Check out the entire program. If you are not TOTALLY convinced that you can confidently raise bucket loads of private money for your real estate deals and/or business – and on a part-time basis, using none of your own cash, credit or experience, just let me know.

Return the physical materials within 30 days from today in reusable condition and I will refund your money – less shipping and handling.

And as my thanks to you for checking this out, you may keep the digital version of the entire Home Study System.

That’s right! Keep the complete digital version.

Keep the digital audios, the digital scripts, transcripts, templates, sample marketing pieces and the digital 30 Day Quick Start Guide and Guide to Creating a Business Plan. Keep the entire training program in digital format.

All of this is my motivation and thanks to you in validating this program for yourself.

I am making this offer only to those of the highest integrity, and extending myself at my own risk for your benefit – in entering the world of big ticket private money and financial freedom.

You would expect to pay $5,000 for a boot camp of this quality-this is education
for a lifetime of investing for pennies on the dollar.

Here’s what you can expect to do during the first 30 days:
  • You’ll design your financial freedom plan based on the real estate knowledge you already own TODAY.
  • You’ll feel in control of your own financial destiny – despite CNN. You’ll feel like one of the “entrepreneurs in the know”, who is making money in today’s economy – with the confidence that you have a plan for you and your family.
  • You’ll feel confident in your ability to fund any deal using the Raising Private Money Formula. With confidence in yourself comes confidence in your deal negotiations. No more losing deals for lack of personal funds and/or credit.
  • You’ll know how to easily and precisely market your deals in ways that attract private money sources that are motivated to see you achieve financial freedom – because of the preeminent ways you structure your deals for their success.
  • You will operate with the confidence that you are in bounds with the SEC rules for raising private money.
  • You will see how easy it is to raise 5, 6, 7 and 8 figures for your real estate deals thereby raising your own goals for the growth of your business. Need money to expand your business? Use the techniques revealed here.
  • You’ll learn how to motivate and program yourself for success – something that is typically not taught with real estate and private money trainings. Sure, knowledge is great. But knowledge without action is delusion. And by the end of this training, you will have your personal and weekly Performance Dashboard for automatic and consistent success.

This Offer is Unprecedented and Only Available
To Those Who Are Decisive and Take Action Now.
Don’t Delay. This Introductory Price Will be Pulled.

Claim Your Bonuses!

If you don’t like it, get a refund within 30 days!

The value of this program – and bonuses – is several multiples of the price you are paying here. I am taking all of the risk! You can test drive the entire and complete program – starting today. If you don’t like it, get a refund (less shipping and handling) and keep the digital materials! That’s right. Keep the digital materials. Simply return the physical Home Study
System in reusable condition within 30 days from today.

That’s like buying a car and getting a full refund if you don’t like it after driving it for a full 30 days – and KEEPING the car! So what do you possibly have to lose? There is only upside for you!

Test for yourself that financial freedom can be created on a part-time basis using none of your own money. And realize for yourself, that it’s easy to raise the money with the Raising Private Money Formula.

But don’t delay because I do know the tremendous wealth that private money creates and I fully understand the value of what I am offering here – for pennies on the dollar.

I am doing this as part of the national roll-out of this program AND because I want to create success out of my students’ success while raising private money for my group of students. Please understand however that I can only extend this kind of crazy offer for a limited time, and to a select group.

Whether you are a wholesaler, rehabber or buy and hold entrepreneur, and whether you do single family, apartments, hotels, strip malls, assisted living, retail, other commercial or land, the science of raising private money is an indispensable part of your financial freedom strategy and competency.

I really am taking all of the risk. Do you really need more time to decide?

Why am I Making This Crazy Offer?

So why I am willing to place myself at such risk?

Because I understand the importance of acting in faith – and taking a first step. I absolutely do – because I’ve been there.

I am speaking to your little voice – the little voice (or maybe the committee) who is telling you to be satisfied with the status quo.

And I am intentionally loading the deck against that little voice. I am making this offer so crazy, so ridiculously Risk-FREE for you, that the little voice can’t argue. You have to win – if you act.

I’m making it incredibly easy for you to take that first step. To act in faith that if you simply take a first step, the rest will take care of itself. Again, I know, personally, the rewards of taking that first step – and of acting in faith.

So, again, I am taking all of the risk on my shoulders – for your benefit.

Read It Tonight. And Start Tomorrow!

I just want to make this so glaringly easy to do that your little voice can’t stop you.

Order the physical Raising Private Money Home Study System now, and you will immediately receive the $2594 of bonuses – including the complete Home Study System in digital format.

Test drive the entire program. If you are not 100% satisfied, return the physical Home Study System in re-usable condition within 30 days from today AND you keep the complete digital version. Upon our receipt of the physical system, you’ll receive a full refund less shipping and handling.

And in all cases, you keep the complete digital version of the Raising Private Money Home Study System.

So order right NOW. Sign-up now and receive the digital bonuses immediately in your Inbox.

Act in the confidence that this is the ultimate Better than Risk-FREE guarantee, where there is only upside for you.

This is a Limited Time Offer.
I Don’t Know How Much Longer
I’m Going to Keep This
Crazy Offer Available.


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6 reviews for [Download Now] Lance Edward – Raising Private Money Home Study System 2.0

  1. Ryan Griffin (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the interactive elements of the course.

  2. Jacob Turner (verified owner)

    The course was very engaging and easy to follow.

  3. Katie Cruz (verified owner)

    The course was very thorough and detailed.

  4. William (verified owner)

    I feel more prepared for my career after taking this course.

  5. Jessica Jones (verified owner)

    The examples provided were very helpful in understanding the concepts.

  6. James Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I learned so much from this course. The instructor’s knowledge is impressive.

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