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Manifesting Money Like Magic (Package A)Marlenea Johnson – Manifesting Money Like Magic (Package A)

Magical Marlenea, says it all! When she waves her 24k Gold Magic Money Wand and says, 1,2,3 Manifest It; Money and Miracles really do begin Manifesting! She’s the real deal.

Self-taught, Internationally known; Master Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, Home and land balancer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler.

Magical Marlenea has assisted over 13,000 people worldwide.
She meets them on the level they are at and elevates them at the speed they are ready to experience. The goal is to empower them to easily “Manifest their hearts desires and Thrive” living a life of infinite possibilities!

Dealing with years of abuse, severe depression and financial ups and downs, Marlenea knew that there was more to life and that she had to break free from the stress and fear money issues were causing her.

Her healing journey began in her teens. Reaching out to God in urgent prayer, she was miraculously healed of depression.

On several occasions, Angels have appeared bringing messages, sprinkling Golden stars upon her, and saving her life.
As a young woman, working as a nurse’s aide, she found herself speaking healing to stroke patients and seeing them start moving paralyzed limbs. When her niece was in a coma, for 30 days after getting hit by a car, she walked in the room and said, If you wake up now you can go to Mc Donald’s. Her niece woke up, and was sent home a few days later.
People have shown up asking for assistance in every area of their lives. Marlenea prefers working with healing their finances. But she knows once the root causes are removed, layer by layer, Magical results occur. Not only do their finances improve but their health and relationships as well. She is a multidimensional intuitive healer. She says, “Bring it on!” For nothing is impossible to those that believe.”

Given the Golden Key that unlocked her Magic Money Manifestations from GOD, Source, she now teaches others what she’s learned. Using an array of energetic processes given to her by God, Source, she has manifested free cars, a new home, thriving businesses, miraculous healings free gifts, jackpots, miracle money; just to name a few. Many of her clients have experienced the Magic results as well. Thousands of people can’t be wrong!
She’s been called “The Prosperity Princess.” And Yes, she does wear a Golden crown. Come experience the Magic of 24 k Gold Activations and Financial Freedom for yourself.

The Golden Key must be activated in your life in order to see results. A reconnection with God Source and His life force energy flow must be established.

Amazing results follow her and her clients. She gives all the credit to God, Spirit and her Angelic Team. After all, her life was spared, she was healed, granted permission to visit Heaven, given the Golden Key to transform people’s lives!

When you connect with Marlenea, you are connecting with an Earth Angel and your life will never be the same.


Are you truly ready to receive Your Master Manifestation tools?

*You’ll love having the Secrets to effortless Manifesting. *

  • Meet your Money Manifesting Angel Team
  • Receive 30 days of remote Money Infusions
  • Daily Chakra Clearing Plus Activation
  • Open Your Divine channels to God, Source, Universe and be fully connected/aligned
  • Have a Money Manifesting Mindset!
  • You’ll receive daily support and upgrades
  • Become unlimited-grounded-clear and empowered
  • Activate Your Millionaire Mindset
  • Become a Master Money Manifestor

What would it be like if you could suddenly…

*Banish Beliefs that Stop You*
Remove Self-Doubt
Be Open to Receive
Step out of survival into abundance.
Finally end and complete all negative cycles, and karma
*Have a Money Manifesting Mindset*

I Know That You’re Here for More Than Information.

You Want Real Transformation!

“$10,000 in debt cleared after using your package and having our session!”

Dawn in Burbank, Ca.

“Hi Marlenea,

Thank you so much for the wonderful session we had the other day! There was a positive result the next day: I had been calling lawyers for the last 6 months, especially those that work for Senior Citizens rights, but no attorney would accept the case against this chiropractor who promised to “cure” or at least “reduce” Joanna’s out of control Diabetes, and back and leg pain,and who charged her $10,000.00 with no results whatever after 8 months of “treatment”, so the day after our conference an attorney emailed me that he would take the case!! saying that there was only a 50/50 chance of getting the money back from this chiropractor, but he would attempt it!! Dear Marlenea, this was such good news! and since the case is shaky, would it be possible to send a special angel to help this attorney (Todd Friedman in Los Angeles) Todd to retrieve the funds, so the case can go smoothly and quickly? and also, is it possible to send a special angel to help my dearest Joanna who suffers back, and leg pain and constipation every day, there must, at some level, be a cure for these physical problems. To see someone whom I really love suffer this much pain every day, is getting me down too. Thank you so much for all your help!

Joe Cronin


I do everything in my power to help You awaken to the truth about who You really are —You are an amazing, powerful divine being who is meant to play a unique role on this planet simply by being YOU.

My mission is to bring the pure light and truth to every soul on the planet. Since the Angel sprinkled Amazing Golden Stars on me. My entire life has Transformed!

All my depression disappeared, I was unable to be around negative people, and found myself speaking Miracles right into existence! And right now, I cannot imagine anything stopping You from receiving Your Miracle either!

Go ahead and look below at My Special Offer right now.

Believe me, You’ll be so glad You did!

Today, I will be Manifesting Massive Amounts of Money!


Are you ready to unlock the key to manifesting exactly what you want in life?

Take action NOW!


Track 1

Activating and Maintaining Your Money Mentality

Money is a vibration of Divine Love and Joy!

*This activation will raise your vibration
*Clear your Money Mentality
*Then install the Money Manifesting Mindset

Track 2- Powerful Pdf

Meet Your Magical Money Team

There are Angels of wealth who help you with your financial issues. The role of these Angels is to bring you money. They specifically are given the task to assist us with financial issues.

*This is a Powerful pdf
*You will be introduced to Your Angelic Money Team
*Learn What their roles are
*Be given specific prayers and a meditation process

Track 3

Magical Money Mantra

*A Powerful Money Mantra to Laxmi
*Playing this daily really increases Your Wealth Flow

Track 4

Illuminate Your Money Aura

*This process will activate your Money Aura
*Bringing in the Rainbow Frequency
*You will attract more Money the more you glow!

Track 5

Your Relationships and Money

*This track explains how your relationships effects your money flow
*Helps you to release and let go of all anger and negative feelings you may have towards money and people that actually is one of the main reasons you are experiencing any lack or delay in receiving from God and the Universe.

Track 6

Become Unlimited

*Subliminal Programming*
*Best listened to while sleeping
*Rewires your brain*
*Amping up your highest potential

Track 7-Is a PDF

Laughing all the way to the Bank

*Powerful Affirmations to use daily
*Powerful declarations in the present tense

Track 8

Reiki Activation for Money

*Relax as I send the Reiki Energy to You
*To be used daily
*I added beautiful music I created to raise your vibration

You will be receiving 30 days of Energetic Infusions Sent Directly into Your Money Field.

*Each day the Infusion will be upgraded slightly
*Within 30 days Your Energetic Money Field will be at it’s peak performance level
*We will be working on Your motivation level and supporting you in taking instant inspired action
*We will be clearing the mind blocks that have stopped you by making excuses for you so you did nothing to move forward in your own life
*We will be supporting you on every level necessary to swiftly boost your financial frequency to the new level for allowing the actual receiving of real money to come into your reality

And if you’d really love all this and an unlimited ever increasing flow of Money Manifesting in your life now, say YES! Then hurry and grab this package and begin utilizing it immediately!!!

Get Download Marlenea Johnson – Manifesting Money Like Magic Right Now!

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    I feel more confident in my skills after taking this course.

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    The instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable.

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    I enjoyed the hands-on approach of this course.

  4. Kimberly Lewis (verified owner)

    A valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their skills.

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    The content was well-presented and easy to understand.

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    I appreciated the clear and concise instructions.

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