Joseph Riggio – The Structure of Narrative: TimeSliding & Storytelling

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The Structure of Narrative TimeSliding & Storytelling

Joseph Riggio – The Structure of Narrative: TimeSliding & Storytelling

When you change the story you’re telling, the reality you experience changes too.

Literally in the thirty years I’ve been training and coaching clients in the art of Mythic Form I’ve discovered again and again that the key to all experiences and the performances that emerge from them comes down to TIME … how we structure it and how we use it.

Here’s how it’s going to work …

On Wednesday, 5 January at 2:00PM/14:00 ET (Miami Time) I’ll be showing you everything I’ve learned about how to join the elite corps of master storytellers by revealing the master key to effectively designing and delivering stories for effect …The Structure of Time!

You’ll get an immediate invitation to the live webinar, and access to all the program recordings and transcripts, and bonuses, on the members only platform too.

I’ll spend 90 minutes in the LIVE webinar delivering the goods in a step-by-step fashion, and then we’ll spend the next 30 – 60 minutes in an interactive Q. & A. depending on how long you want or need to go to get all the questions you have will get answered.

We’ll make sure you can implement what you’ve gotten for yourself immediately, then I’ll take it step further …

I’ll show you exactly how you’re organized in time and how to reset how you do that, so the future becomes an experience of “NOW” for you, allowing you to be in the moment who you need to be to achieve everything your put your attention on to accomplish.

This is a very special opportunity to get exactly what to do to design and deliver stories that entertain, motivate, inspire, instruct, influence and persuade just like master storytellers do … starting with the stories you tell yourself.

Dr. Joseph Riggio is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf Process & SomaSemantics, a neurocognitive scientist and program developer, and he’s the designer of ACT | Adaptive Cogntive Training and Generative Flow performance enhancement training. Joseph is a published author, international speaker and the host of the Performance Alchemy podcast, and, holds additional certification as an IBLEC Certified Master Executive Coach, Society of NLP Master Trainer and Certified Master Hypnotist.

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6 reviews for Joseph Riggio – The Structure of Narrative: TimeSliding & Storytelling

  1. Zohar (verified owner)

    The content was high-quality and easy to understand.

  2. Max (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  3. Kevin (verified owner)

    The content was well-presented and informative.

  4. David (verified owner)

    I appreciated the practical examples included in the course.

  5. Kevin Bell (verified owner)

    This course provided a solid foundation. Highly recommend for beginners.

  6. Patrick (verified owner)

    A must-have for anyone serious about learning this topic.

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