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Release the Old. Become What You Always Were.

The truth is that you DO know you’re good enough, and always have been.

In fact, more than that –

The truth is simply that you know you MUST, and that there’d at some point come a time when you could no longer listen to the excuses, the lies from within or outside, the nonsense and drama and bullshit, about why you couldn’t or shouldn’t, or not yet.

The TRUTH is that what’s in you is, simply and in THE most finite way, a thing which must get out.

And that it’s up to you to let it out, this deep deep work which you came here to do.


Release the Old. Become What You Always Were.

Here is what this work is about, and why it is coming about, and why now:

You’re holding on.

Oh so tightly.

And for a very long while, perhaps too long to even recall.

Maybe, since before time began! Impregnated into you, before YOU began, at least, in this world, this body, this life.

You’re holding on to things which tell you –

Actually needs to be done, for its own sake. It has COME to you for a reason. The pain. The drama. The scariness. All of it.

It’s time to lean into it.

It’s time to allow it to teach you.

It’s time to understand it.

And it’s time to HEAL it, once and for all, so that you can clearly and easily see where it is you’re meant to go –

How to get there –

And how damn ABSOfuckinglutely worthy you are.

The result of which?

Money flow.

Love and hot sex flow.

Dream body flow.

Life of ease and fun and fulfilment flow.

YOU flow.


Everything, the way you’ve always indeed known it should be. Everything you’ve WAITED LONG ENOUGH FOR.

Everything it’s time to stop telling yourself a bullshit story you can’t have yet.




Because it’s TIME.

Here is What We’re Healing, in Healed, and How This Translates to YOU, Being What You Always Were, and Having What You Always Saw, and –

How this Work Actually Works, How I Channel and Am Guided, From my Soul to Yours

Before I share a little of what we’ll be diving in to, in this time together, let me tell you how I work:

This work is partly channeled –

Partly downloaded –

FULLY guided from above, and within, and of course rinsed out well by way of the other (non-physical) realms.

It’s not MADE UP BY ME.

I’m not creating a course –

Designing modules –

Or THINKING about what would be a good idea, or even about what would be helpful!

I pay no mind to organisation –

Structure –

Order –

Or expectations.

But I do STFU and listen to my higher self, my highest available self, and here is what she told me, VERY clearly –

There is work to be done in this community.

DEEP healing work.

It starts with you, of course.

And it’s to share with everybody.


Healed? (I was shown, and then asked)


But what is it about?! (I asked)

– No need to ask.

Just write it.

You’ll find out.

It’s already all inside.

My job is not to make anything up, or attempt to teach, even though I am a creator, and I am a teacher.

My JOB, is to listen, and to follow orders from soul, trusting and knowing that what I’m being given and what is shown to me is what is needed, and that I am EQUIPPED.

And then? I do the work.

Imagine, if you always did the same … now there’s perhaps something to consider deciding to be healed from, the idea that you can’t simply DO WHAT YOU KNOW YOU MUST!

But I digress

There is a LOT of healing, which I was shown we would work on together.

When you read the below, it might feel like – fuck! That’s so much! How long is this course anyway, how are we possibly going to cover ALL THESE AREAS?!

And I’ll tell ya –

Because we will, that’s all. Very very easily, too. There IS, after all, no separation here, from one ‘thing’ to the next. All we need to do, in actual fact, is to find that one thread which pulls it all together –

And also blows it all apart.

Everything connects to everything.

Holding yourself back, not being what you were always meant to be in one area, naturally and ALWAYS crosses over to other areas.

That is why we must do ALL of this work –

Or quit kidding ourselves, and do none of it.

Let’s just do all of it!

It looks like this:

Relationship Healing

Love is patient, love is kind, love is slow to anger, love is –



Feels so far away.

Something that was once believed in, and now seems like a fantasy, a ‘one day’ dream which may never again come true, and maybe never does.

I’m not just talking about romantic love here.

I’m talking about all of the ways in which you’ve allowed RELATIONSHIP, as a concept, to be tainted, bruised, or even, destroyed.

The ideas you used to have of how it would be –

With your lover –

Or your family –

Your friends –

Perhaps your clients –

Or indeed the world at large –

Maybe all of it! –

Marred. Difficult to access. More difficult still, to create.

How NOT healing in this area may be screwing with you is simple –

You continue to call in, create, and ONLY allow a reflection of the damage and bruising and SAFE expectations which you’ve developed inside. You make choices out of guilt, or shame, or blame.

You compromise.

You settle.

You sacrifice.

You CONTINUE to sabotage or destroy.


When you’re coming from a place of BROKEN-ness, and pain, you continue to create all of that! #of course

What healing the relationships wound allows you to expect:

A return to clarity, to purity of vision, to unadulterated hope and belief. The certain knowledge that of course you can have the best, liase and engage only with the best, because YOU are the best, your best, and worthy of everything that that entails.

Business and Empire Healing

Do you remember when you had SUCH lit up and light dreams for your business, and the EMPIRE you knew you were going to build?

Your dreams were grandiose, ridiculous even, extravagant, and wild!

You wanted it all, at once if not sooner, and you knew that you could have it!

Your energy and passion and WILLINGNESS to show up, go all in, also put yourself out there ‘come what may’ were unbeatable!

You could not be stopped!

You WOULD not be stopped!

And then?

Something stopped you.

A supposed failure, perhaps. Or the seductive voice of those outside of you, compelling you to do it their way, go against what you really believed or knew, just this once. The whispers of doubt from inside telling you that you were being unrealistic, and it’s time to get serious, get grown up, be like the others.

All or any of that, and much more besides.

And somewhere along the way you lost your craziness.

You lost your relentlessness.

You lost your WILD dreaming.

You lost your certainty.

You lost your faith.

You lost you.

Now, is it any wonder that business feels SO tough-going, so quicksand-y, so never-ending, so HEAVY?

Is it any wonder that you repeatedly fail to get to the flow you used to dream of, when you don’t REALLY let yourself dream that dream anymore, never mind act on it?!

The answer is NO, it’s not, and also?

Just LOOK at what you’re (not!) creating by letting yourself be guided this way.

*How NOT healing in this area may be screwing with you:

Flat out, your self-belief has been shaken and it is SHOWING. You’re making choices from fear, from doubt, from ‘who am I’, rather than from who am I NOT to, and just fucking WATCH me.

Continue to do this, and you’ll get, well – more of the same. Forward momentum, perhaps, if you’re particularly hard-working, and I’m sure that you are.

But really –

Nothing to write home about.

Nothing that your SOUL knows is available.

*What healing around your business allows you to expect:

A reboot back to UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE AND FIRE. Back to ACCESSING the crazy, the wild, the BEYOND THE REALMS OF POSSIBILITY, all of it, and then?

Bringin’ that shit to motherfucking life.

WITH bells on!

Money Story Healing

Ah, money. Money money money, WHAT is it good for?!

Well, one thing that’s for sure is that it’s good for showing you where you have some work to do! It is a GREAT way of bringing to light, and life, stories which we have MADE UP which block us from receiving in MULTIPLE areas!

So much shame.

So much blame.

So much hurt.

So much just SILLY conditioning, too!

So much to unravel.

But really –

It’s not actually that hard at all, once you realise you just made the WHOLE entire thing up, and can just as easily UNMAKE it all, and REMAKE it in a way which absolutely serves you!

For me, remaking my money story has literally resulted in me being able to now receive millions of dollars each year with ease, all just based on me being me and doing my purpose work!

But before I healed my money stuff … oh boy –

*How NOT healing in this area may be screwing with you:

ONE word, plain and simple:


You make choices, and take action, from scarcity.

When it should be from abundance, and deservedness.

‘kay, maybe more than one word

What healing your money story allows you to expect:

When you BELIEVE it, and EXPECT it, and your energy and vibration REFLECTS it, you will SEE it, and it will be automatic, no exceptions, no excuses, no worry about the ‘how’, either!

I make the money I make because I expect to make the money I make.

Because I shifted the stuff that made me think I can’t make the money I make.

That’s all!

And that’s what we’re going to do for you.

Self-Worth Healing

Once upon a time –

Long long ago –

In a space and place that feels like you can barely still remember it, the knowledge of it is certain but the details hazy –

You didn’t question ANY thing.

You KNEW that what you felt inside of you was real, and that you were enough; born that way, nothing to discuss.

It was just how it is.

Sometimes I feel as though so much of the work we do is simply about returning to that, but do you know what? There’s actually nowhere to return to at all.

It’s ALL already there, it’s accessible now, and it really is just a CHOICE to show up as that person, the one who has ZERO doubt about whether she can or should, she just DOES. Always, and without question.

If there’s one thing above all the things to let go of, it’s the idea that you are not enough, and worthy, and perfect, just as you are.

And so?

Let’s do that. Let’s let go.

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you:

You create a shadow life, because you’re terrified of finding out, should you actually pursue it, that the real one you dream of is out of reach for you, and that you’re not good enough to have it.

*What healing damage to your self-worth allows you to expect:

Fucking CERTAINTY, baby, and the re-training of ABSOLUTE belief which has always been there!

Healing From Shame, Blame, Guilt, and the Idea You Must Pay Penance

The deadly trio, hey? Shame, blame, guilt, and all their counterparts, these emotions, when not understood and dispelled, seen for what they really are, can quite literally KILL you.

Well, you may still walk around. Do the things. Achieve the things. Look the part!

But when you’re carrying this shit around? I don’t have to tell you, life loses its glow. Your every move and every breath is tainted by the idea that YOU DID IT WRONG AND DESERVE PAIN OR SUFFERING.

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you is obvious, clear, and excruciating –

Your choices are coming from a place of trying to make up for something, trying to pay penance, trying to ‘save’ yourself or others, a desperate need to correct course or re-write the past casting a shadow over the creation of every bit of your life.

And so you continue to move forward this way, not realising that every action taken from this place moves you further OUT of alignment, because after all –

Alignment knows that everything is perfect.

Exactly as it was meant to be.

Happened or was chosen FOR your learning and growth.

And that, most of all, it is what it is and that’s all it is and NOW is the moment to live in.



Untainted –


*What healing from shame, blame, guilt, and the idea of needing to pay penance allows you to expect:

Let me ask you something –

How would you be creating your life right now if you believed that every moment was untainted, and perfect, and that you were too?

The outcome of THAT –

Would be something worth expecting

Healing From Sabotage, and So-Called Bad Behaviour

There’s so much here, isn’t there?!

THIS work, around sabotage and the healing of so-called bad behaviour, could very easily have been left unsaid.

Doesn’t shame, blame, guilt, and our work on I AM, cover this?


But speaking from first-hand experience, I know that sabotaging patterns run DEEP. There’s so much intricacy there, isn’t there?!

When you’ve leant on something for so long –

Needed and used it for so long –

And allowed it, for so long, to be part of you.

Of course we could just call it avoidance, a way of checking out and numbing out, but really what it is, I believe?

A desire to be seen.

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you:

When you repeatedly fail to release your sabotages, OR the emotional turmoil which you carry around as a result of any ongoing sabotage or so-called bad behaviour, you also FAIL TO LEARN THE LESSON it came to show you.

And you fail, therefore, to be the person who your soul knows you would be, if only you’d lean IN, instead of trying to cover or hide it, or simply, not hear it.

*What healing your emotion and energy around your sabotages and bad behaviour allows you to expect:

Well, firstly, to let go of them, if they’re still ongoing! But more than that –

To understand why you needed to make that choice, how it helped and indeed supported you, and what you need to choose in order to COMPLETELY release it. Thank you. Your services are no longer needed.

THIS LEVEL OF FREEDOM IS AVAILABLE. I’ve broken NUMEROUS sabotaging patterns, some spanning decades, things I thought I would never be free from.

Once you understand –

And heal –

It really does get to go.

This in turn will lead to you being FULLY energetically free, wild, untethered, your power fully restored.

You do know that sabotage and bad behaviour is simply a way of quelling your power, right?


Body Shame, and Mis-treatment Healing

“I’ll love you only if you look this way”

“You’re worth something only if you feel and function this way”

“You have to do it right”

“You have to be perfect”

“You have to conform!”

Can you even imagine a world, in which body shame and mis-treatment didn’t exist? The whole economy would probably crash!

Here’s the thing –

EVERY cell in your body knows how to be perfect. You were BORN, with perfect already done, complete, available, FINISHED.

A state of EXCELLENCE is your NATURAL state, and this is true in all areas.

But how the fuck is it serving you, to do anything BUT love and accept yourself physically … emotionally … energetically … indeed in all ways?!

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you is HUGE –

For as long as you continue to wish you were anything other than what you are, and continue to punish or reprimand yourself for NOT being so, you PUSH AWAY THE VERY RESULTS YOU’RE SO DESPERATE TO ACHIEVE.

Also, you prevent yourself, and also your message and art, from being fully seen.

Having a BODY issue, is a reflection of a life not on track, of purpose pushed aside, of fear around not being good enough taking charge.

And maybe of too many bon-bons, but hey – that just reflects the other stuff

What healing your body shame and mis-treatment of your self in this area allows you to expect is SO damn powerful –

You get to come back to the now.

This in turn gives you POWER.

It gives you PRESENCE.

It gives you PEACE.

And it gives you the ability to, from that place, CHANGE ANY FUCKING THING YOU WANT.

You think that shaming and attacking and hating on yourself is the answer, NOPE. The answer is to heal first. To let go now. And to start showing up like a person who loves herself.

And so that’s what we’re gonna do

Disregard of Purpose, and Frittering Away Your Life or Living the Wrong Life Healing

To me this is the most squirm-making and horrible of them all. NOTHING terrifies me more than the idea of living out my life without ever having said yes to what’s inside of me. Of frittering away the years for things which don’t matter, and never really did.

Well, fortunately I HAVE already, for some years now, said yes to what’s inside of me! But there continue to be new levels to drop into around that, and so I get to keep feeling that same feeling of will I / won’t I / can I / dare I, and do I have time, and then of course KNOWING, that I must.

If you’ve been living your life in any way that involves NOT saying yes to your purpose, there’s a whole new gamut of blockity-shit which tends to arise.

It’s like a vicious cycle that just grows more and MORE vicious, with each day of NOT pressing play that passes, self-belief slowly but surely tapering away as a result.

The HEALING we get to do in this area is a simple release.

Around acknowledging that it is what it is.

And that that’s all it is.

And that everything really IS coming together exactly as it was always divined.

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you is that it puts the BRAKES on.

Instead of realising that you have the power of choice and ALL skills and talents needed to change NOW, you continue to allow day after day to pass with the voice of doom and gloom inside of you taunting you, teasing you, and flat out telling you off for not yet having done the damn thing yet.

When in actual fact NOTHING matters but the now, and your ability to show UP now has nothing to do with how you’ve been showing up in any moment OTHER than now!

*What healing yourself around your previous disregard for purpose allows you to expect:

A rocket up your motherfuckin’ ass about the fact that it’s DEFINITELY now time, and the self-assuredness and ABSOLUTE certainty you need to put that energy and fire to work!

Imagine …

Imagine knowing what it would feel like, to know you’re FINALLY LIVING THE RIGHT FUCKING LIFE.

It’s available.

And it’s available NOW.

Spiritual Healing, Energetic and Other-Worldly / Other Realm, Ignoring of Magic Healing

Here’s the reality –

You can run for your entire life, if you like, from the knowledge you have around how life really works, how YOU really work, and of the magic and the DEEP spiritual power inside of you which is available.

You CAN run.

But no, you know you can’t hide.

It’s always there, it’s always IN there, it’s always present, and it’s always calling to you, and the thing you’ve got going on where you IGNORE it, and try OH so hard to build your life only in the physical?

It flat out ain’t working for you.

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you is that you are TRYING TO LIVE AS ONLY 20% OF YOU, AT BEST!

You are physical, emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, NOT just physical, and the spiritual and energetic worlds, and aspects of your very SOUL, in particular, do not take kindly to being ignored, or cast aside, or made out to be ‘not okay’.

Well, I suppose the physical wouldn’t take kindly to it either! It’s just that we don’t tend to ignore that

When you ignore the magic and the truth about the other spaces and places. and about the powers you wield, you ignore what it is to actually be human, and to be you. You also severely DIAL DOWN your ability to receive, create, flow, or impact, anything!

*What healing allows you to expect:

Full reclamation of all that you always were.

Being Another Person Healing, Living For Another Person Healing, False Responsibility Healing

This has to do with anything and all things relevant to being anything other than ONLY and also ALL that you are.

It has to do with being swayed by the beliefs, values, certainty, reassurance, or pathway of others, casting our own soul knowledge aside in favour of being guided by another being, or entity.

It has to do with making choices based on what we believe is necessary, expected, or required of us, by family, partner, others, indeed perhaps the entire world.

And it also has to do with ways in which you’ve chosen to create your life based on a mistaken idea of what your JOB is.

Your JOB, let’s be clear now, is one thing and one thing only:

Be fucking you.

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you:

You made the wrong life, baby, and you made it for the wrong person, which is to say anybody who is NOT you.

*What healing your shit around being anyone else, living for anyone else, or taking on false responsibility allows you to expect is, well, the best thing of all –

You return to you, and you now create your life through THAT freakin’ filter!

By the way –

This, and ALL the work we are doing here, gets to be instantaneous.

Parenting Healing, Childhood Healing, Family Healing

Conditioned beliefs.

Expected behaviours.

‘Required’ ways of doing things, of being right, or wrong.

MORE guilt.

MORE shame.

MORE false responsibility.

MORE blame.

MORE deviation from purpose, in order to perhaps save ourselves (or so we believed), or in order to perhaps prove ourselves.

Or some sort of God-awful mix of all of the above

How not healing in this area may be screwing with you:

Duh, you’re continuing to live your life for somebody who is not you.

Side note: this is not great for them, either!

*What healing your parenting, childhood and family STUFF allows you to expect is SO freakin’ beautiful, and that is this:

You will be FULLY in your power, FULLY certain of your right to do life as you, and FULLY in trust of the choices you make and the direction you take.

THAT is an incredible thing!

Grieving Soul Healing, and the Placing of Ego Ahead of Higher Self

We’ve spoken about shame and blame so much now, and so many of the heavier or murkier emotions as part of that.

One of the things we’ve not yet addressed, and which we absolutely get to be HEALED around, is sadness and grief of the soul.

It’s so hard, it can feel so hard, to not carry around a deep deep sadness that we didn’t choose differently, or start yet, or show up another way, in that not-forgotten situation.

*How not healing in this area may be screwing with you:

In order to be HEALED, we must must MUST allow for the truth and the knowledge that we really DID choose what we needed to choose.

We must embrace EVERY aspect of who we are, and every way in which we’ve showed up, and played this game of life.

Without doing so, you will CONTINUE to have the same stuff show up again and again, and you will CONTINUE to show up for each day feeling as though your throat is choked and your hands restrained.

Let me tell you –

This is no way to live.

And nor do you HAVE to.

*What healing your soul sadness and grief allows you to expect:

This is probably the most powerful work of all, in that it will FREE you to be able to breathe again, and from that place, BE. Unfettered. Unrestrained. PROUD of yourself. And self-assured, that you have everything you need, and everything you desire is available to you, always, and now.

As part of this we will be FULLY shifting any residue you have, any anger OR grief OR sadness AND frustration, annoyance, lack of self-respect, etcetera, that you have at yourself for repeatedly PLACING your self ahead of your higher self, and ahead of your soul.

Healing from the Idea of Needing Healing

And finally –

Ironically, perhaps, although I think not – !

How could we do this work, without also acknowledging, with a wry smile perhaps, the need to heal from the very idea of needing healing?

Indeed the MOST powerful work, and my intention for you in this time together, is for you to realise, that you already have everything you need –

You already ARE everything you must be –

Everything really IS perfect, and available, now –

And from this place?

You can create freaking anything, and everything, and yes you WILL.

So What is Healed REALLY About, Then, and What Will You See HAPPEN, When You Say Yes To This Work?

I could talk to you about how this work will result in the flow of abundance, in all areas –

In access to your natural-born and inherent ability to click your fingers, and receive.

I could remind you of how, when you come from a place of being healed, whole, certain, and perfect, it is so damn EASY to achieve, create, ‘have’, anything, and everything, always.


Dream business.

Dream body.

Dream relationships.

Dream life.

It’s ALL true, it’s all obvious, it’s all a little simplistic, don’t you think?

The outcome of DOING this sort of deep work is that of COURSE of course of course you get to have the physical results you long for, and have for so long held at arms length.

That’s easy!

I know that such a statement might make you want to roll your eyes, maybe throw things at me, or maybe it just gets you quiet, and curious, because actually –

You already knew this.

Since always.

And forever.

Of course.

You’ve always known that the real work to do is the work of RETURNING to you.

What I expect and know will happen as a result of this work together is ALL the money, ALL the hotness, ALL the love and aligned connections, ALL the cool shiz you can possibly imagine or see inside of you in business, life, everywhere!


And I can’t wait for more of those stories, I ALWAYS love to see and hear of them.

But really?


Healed is for you to let go of the old, the distorted, the shadow you who you thought you had to be.

And to wake up every fucking day know that you are FINALLY all you always, way deep within and where you thought you’d forgotten but of course never COULD –


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