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Lara Adler – Tools For Teaching Toxicity

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Environmental Toxins
Health & Wellness Puzzle

let’s fix this…

Do you want a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of how the toxins in our personal environment impact our health and wellness? (Of course you do!) By now, you’ve probably heard about chemicals like BPA in plastics (maybe you even have some of those BPA-Free water bottles…), the dangers of non-stick cookware, and even frightening levels of lead in drinking water. These are just the tippy-tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we’re exposed to. In fact, research studies implicating chemicals in a long list of diseases and health issues are making headlines every single day… headlines like these:

Because of news stories like these and public health issues like lead in drinking water, more and more people are aware and concerned about these toxins, yet lack the education or understanding around what to do. This is true for health-minded consumers and health practitioners alike.

Environmental toxins – chemicals we are exposed to in small amounts every day – are linked to every single health condition that people are struggling with every single day.

And so much more…

For the past 5 years I’ve taught nearly 1,000 health practitioners the in’s and out’s of these toxins. AND NOW I WANT TO TEACH YOU.

Did you know that most physicians have an average of only 7 hours of training in environmental health issues during their entire academic career?

Practitioners like naturopaths, nutritionists, health coaches, nutritionists, etc have even less. Very few professional trainings or certifications teach their students about environmental toxins, leaving them inadequately prepared to properly support clients.

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Couple this with all the mis-information and sensational “chicken little-sky-is-falling” headlines, and it’s no wonder people are confused (and staying up till 2am trying to figure it out.) We’re paying more attention to nutrition labels on our food so we can pick out unhealthy ingredients, but how many of us are actually looking at the ingredients on our other non- food products? And what about chemicals in products that don’t have ingredient labels?

Let’s fix this!

I want to help you become informed, engaged, and empowered when it comes to navigating the world of environmental toxins and the products we buy and use every single day. I’ve devoted myself to untangling the complicated knot of environmental health for health & wellness professionals and health-enthusiasts around the world for 5 years, helping them gain clarity around the kinds of toxins that can dramatically effect health, develop the confidence needed to integrate this conversation into their work, and to distinguish themselves in their fields.

Here’s the Problem:

Most health & wellness professionals, whether they’re health coaches, nutritionists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, or even fitness instructors, focus primarily on diet, exercise, emotional eating and/or stress management. These are absolutely essential areas to support clients around… But there’s still that missing piece. Toxins in our environment play a role in all the same health challenges that are inspiring people to seek out support from a professional in the first place. Not addressing toxins with them is a huge missed opportunity to help them get well, or reduce their risk of chronic disease.

If you’re like most wellness professionals, you:

  • Intuitively know that chemicals are contributing to disease and illness, but don’t feel like you know enough about them to speak confidently to your audience
  • Want to educate and empower your clients to make better choices for their health, but get tongue tied when it comes to “talking toxins”
  • Aren’t sure what the most important and most relevant toxins are to the issues your clients are having
  • Don’t know where to look for sound, science based and reliable sources of information about toxins and health (and are skeptical of some of the big health blogs out there)
  • Are looking for ways to set your practice apart from the tens of thousands of other wellness pro’s out there who don’t address toxins at all
  • Want your cleanse or detox program to stand out, and have considered addressing toxins, but aren’t sure how to much to share

Not A Practitioner? Come Nerd Out With Us…

Even if you’re not a health practitioner, you may still be the type of person who takes their own health & wellness very, very seriously. Many of my clients have joined my classes so they could learn how to better navigate toxins in consumer products with the aim of safeguarding their, and their family’s health. I call these people “health enthusiasts” or “health nerds” – and you know who you are: You’ve likely been eating organic foods for a while and you drink green smoothies and bone broth (and you’ve been doing it since before it was cool!). You’re someone who’s already dialed in the nutrition and fitness aspects of your life, and you’re starting to question the safety of your household cleaners, and personal care products… You’re the health nut among your friends – the one everyone asks for advice from, who’s always on top of emerging trends and discoveries in the health & wellness world, yet the toxins piece is one you’ve not explored.


Are You A Product Consultant?

The rise of direct sales products that market themselves as non-toxic, or alternatives to conventional approaches to wellness (like essential oils), means that more and more people are out there having conversations about toxins in consumer products. But what if you’re not really clear on how these toxins really effect us? It’s much easier to promote and sell the product(s) you represent when you’re able to articulate clearly why conventional products aren’t a safe or healthy choice. No more vague, fuzzy statements like “oh, those other products are sooooo toxic.” When you know what you’re talking about, you become more articulate, more confident and a better educator. Many of my clients aren’t health practitioners, but they’re still talking to and engaging with people on a daily basis through the products they consult for. Being educated and informed about environmental toxins will absolutely make you a more powerful, engaging sales consultant.
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Regardless of whether you’re a practitioner, a health enthusiast, or a product consultant (or all three), learning about environmental toxins is the “final frontier” in your education.

Chemicals in our daily lives are deeply connected to myriad health issues that people are struggling with and actively seeking support around – whether through a health practitioner, or on their own. Toxins are a huge missing piece of the health & wellness puzzle that professionals and health enthusiasts alike are eager to understand.

That’s why I created Tools For Teaching Toxicity

When I started researching environmental health issues, there were no good resources or programs out there to make it easy. I spent years diving into the mountains of complicated research, teaching myself how to understand the science and how to translate it into language that was clear, concise, and powerful. This is what I want to share with you. Tools for Teaching Toxicity is a self-paced online program designed to increase your fluency and understanding of environmental toxins so you can better support your clients, and your own health.

The Tools course is for you if you…

  • Want your wellness practice to stand out from the crowd by being able to support your clients in ways that most practitioners can’t.
  • Are overwhelmed by the topic of environmental toxins how they relate to health issues, and want the confidence to be able to speak powerfully about them
  • Currently get anxious when people ask you about toxins, and tongue tied when you try to respond.
  • Are a mom who’s eager to learn what are the safest products for you and your family and doesn’t want to stay up until midnight trying to figure it out.
  • Know your clients are worried about the effect toxins may have on their health, but don’t feel comfortable broaching the subject because you don’t know what to say
  • Want to be on the leading edge of the health conversation, and capitalize on the growing awareness about environmental health issues
  • Know that addressing chemical toxins is essential for your client’s health, but aren’t sure where to start or what safer alternatives to recommend
  • Are not sure what to say when objections come up about organics, canned foods, or natural cleaning products with clients, friends, or family
  • Want to “up your health game” and move beyond green smoothies, bone broth and detoxes and fully step into a healthy, green, non-toxic lifestyle
  • You’re tired of saying “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” when asked about which are the best and safest products to use.
  • Are looking for ways to better position the natural, non-toxic products you represent by learning how to talk about conventional products with more education and credibility
  • Want clarity around which things you legitimately should worry about (and address), and which ones you don’t need to stress about.
  • What to be a more powerful and convincing speaker when talking about the non-toxic skincare lines or essential oils you represent
  • Want to know that you’re reducing exposure to toxins linked to chronic disease, to better protect yourself and your family

Here’s What We’ll Cover Together In This Course:

This course is designed to help you address the most common and most important toxins in your home, starting with the ones that are easiest (and least overwhelming) to address.

We’ll look at:

Intro To Environmental Toxins

  • Understanding the scope of the issue, how chemicals can effect our health, and what our goals are in reducing exposures

Toxins in your kitchen:

  • Pesticides – their links to disease, why it’s essential for children & understanding organics
  • Plastics – what’s myth, what’s critical to avoid, which ones are less scary, and the best and safest alternatives
  • Cookware – which items can pose health threats what are the best, and safest alternatives
  • Canned & packaged foods – what toxins are present, and how to shift away from them safely
  • Cleaners – kitchen products; what’s toxic, what’s not, and what to use instead

Toxins in Personal Care Products:

  • Fragrances & other harmful ingredients in every day products (shampoos, lotions, perfumes) and the ways in which they hide
  • Antibacterials – are they safe or effective? A case study in consumer trends, regulation & reading labels
  • Makeup – chemicals in your beauty routine that are loaded with hundreds of toxic ingredients


  • Avoiding Overwhelm – how to avoid feeling panicked or crazy, or making your clients feel that way.
  • Talking Toxins So They’ll Listen – how to engage with your clients, friends or family in a way that’s positive, powerful, and not preachy.

Here’s What’s Included:


11 core video teaching lessons

This is where the meat is. See the “We’ll Look At” section above for the topics we cover.


Welcome videos

One each for professionals, consumers, and product consultants


Safe Product Recommendations & Resources

Using Essential Oils As Cleaners Guide Recommended Documentary Film List


LIVE Q&A Coaching call

You get 6 months of access to monthly live calls where you can connect with others in this class, and ask toxin related questions AND business related questions (ie, “how can I talk to my clients about….”)


PRIVATE Facebook Group

Opportunity to join me and your fellow Tools clients in our private Facebook group where you can meet with and have discussion about toxins in your practice or personal lives


Full transcripts and audio recordings

Of all lessons in this course (including full research citations for you mega-nerds out there.)


Practitioner Toolkit:

Talking Toxins During A Detox or Cleanse Talking Toxins Client Scripts

In order to be HEARD, you need to learn to talk about toxins in a clear, convincing, powerful, and strategic way. The CREDIBILITY that comes from being articulate is what can help REDEFINE your wellness practice and set your work apart from those who haven’t stepped into the toxins conversation.

Get Lara Adler – Tools For Teaching Toxicity right now!

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6 reviews for Lara Adler – Tools For Teaching Toxicity

  1. Bryan (verified owner)

    I learned more from this course than I expected. Fantastic!

  2. Aiden (verified owner)

    A fantastic resource for beginners. Easy to follow and very informative.

  3. Natalie Morris (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the interactive elements of the course.

  4. Laura Griffin (verified owner)

    The lessons were clear and well-organized.

  5. Amanda Martinez (verified owner)

    The lessons were clear and well-organized.

  6. Aaron Gonzales (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

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