Master Class: The Habits Seminar by James Clear

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Master Class The Habits Seminar by James Clear

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The world’s most comprehensive online class on habits and self-improvement.

10 Ways This Seminar Helps You Build Better Habits

During the Habits Seminar, you will learn how to…

  1. Make time for new habits (even when your life gets crazy).
  2. Overcome a lack of motivation and willpower.
  3. Get back on track when you get off course with your goals.
  4. Transform inconsistent behaviors into reliable habits.
  5. Design your environment to make success effortless and easy.
  6. Use small habits to build confidence and develop a new identity for yourself.
  7. Get started on a new habit even when you don’t feel ready to do it.
  8. Avoid common mistakes most people make when starting new habits.
  9. Use small habits to make big changes without overwhelming yourself.
  10. Finally turn the corner and stick to a new habit for good.

Of course, those are just the highlights. I’m very excited to share everything I’ve learned with you.

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The Program
The Habits Seminar is about mastering the art of high performance by embracing the surprising power of small habits. The seminar will be broken into 3 main sections. You’ll learn what’s working now, what always works, and what to avoid if you want to stick to good habits and break bad ones.


We’ll start by covering the most useful and proven ways to build habits that stick. This section will help you master the fundamentals—the tactics and strategies that unite top performers in all fields.

Many of these lessons will be backed up with scientific research. But it won’t just be theory, these ideas will also be based on the lessons I have learned while building new habits in the real world. You’ll hear about how I succeeded, how I failed, and what made the difference between the two.

In recent years, I’ve learned a lot about building better habits…

  • I went from writing new articles only when I felt motivated or inspired … to publishing a new article every Monday and Thursday without fail (215 posts in a row so far).
  • I went from working out on a “yo-yo cycle” (in the gym one week, skipping workouts the next, etc.) … to never missing a workout for 2 years.
  • As an entrepreneur, I went from randomly doing important business tasks “whenever I had time” … to building a sales and marketing process that delivered every week.

I’ve added a variety of small habits too: watching less TV, flossing twice per day, drinking more than 8 glasses of water per day, dressing better on a more consistent basis, tracking monthly expenses, eating more vegetables and less bread, and so on.

The lessons I have learned through these experiences (as well as many ideas I picked up from top researchers and scientists) will make up the first session of the seminar. This session will lay the foundation for the rest of the event and will also give you some immediately useful tips and strategies within the first 30 minutes.


Following a 5-minute break, the second portion of the seminar will focus on how to build habits in our modern world.

There are variety of distractions that can interrupt your focus on any given day—from the constant barrage of emails and phone calls to the never-ending flow of social media updates and text messages to the many opportunities for distraction on YouTube, Netflix, and television.

Learning to separate the signal from the noise is a crucial skill in our current world. Developing systems and habits that allow you to focus on the things that matter can often be the difference between having a productive, healthy, or satisfying day vs. an ineffective, stressful, or discouraging day.

The second session of the Habits Seminar will discuss a variety of tools and strategies you can use to take control of modern technology so that it works for your habits, not against them.

Among other things, you’ll learn how I optimize my computer and mobile devices to eliminate distractions and improve focus, which tools I use to prevent procrastination and increase productivity, and how I simplify and build habits with a “low tech” approach that doesn’t require new skills or extra money.

Too often, we spend our days reacting to the emergencies and distractions that get pushed in front of us rather than working on the goals that are important to us. This session will help you build the systems and habits you need to regain control of your time and energy.

SESSION 3: WHAT TO AVOID (20 minutes)

Finally, we will talk about what to avoid if you want to break bad habits and build new lifestyle patterns that actually stick.

This isn’t going to be a simple list of “things not to do” because the Just Avoid It strategy is rarely enough when it comes to breaking bad habits and building new ones. Instead, we will use this session to take the fundamentals of building good habits that we covered in session 1 and flip them around for breaking bad habits. Additionally, I’ll cover some of the common mistakes that hold people back from sticking with good behaviors.

To wrap up, I will discuss why some forces seem to pull us back into bad habits again and again … and what to do about it.


The 5 Challenges That Prevent Good Habits

During each of the 3 sessions, I will be focusing on the five primary challenges that hold most of us back when it comes to building new habits and behaviors.

These five barriers are:

  1. Lack of Time and Too Many Commitments
  2. Inconsistency With Taking Action
  3. Procrastination and Laziness
  4. Self-Doubt and Lack of Confidence
  5. Lack of Focus

At the end of each section, I will return to these five barriers and summarize what we have learned that could help us overcome these challenges.

When, Where, and How to Attend

  • Details: A full recording of the Habits Seminar is available to download and watch right now.
  • Access: You can watch it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Length: 2 hours in total. The seminar will last 90 minutes. This will be followed by a pre-recorded question and answer session.
  • Ready to join? Sign up and claim your spot in the Habits Seminar below.

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  1. Erin Barnes (verified owner)

    I learned more from this course than I expected. Fantastic!

  2. Christopher Barnes (verified owner)

    I found the lessons to be very practical and useful.

  3. Lauren Nelson (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  4. Benjamin Butler (verified owner)

    The lessons were clear and well-organized.

  5. Kai (verified owner)

    I appreciated the hands-on approach to learning.

  6. Hayden (verified owner)

    I learned a lot from this course. Great value for the price!

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