Nth Degree Advanced by Forex Strategy Secrets

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Nth Degree Advanced by Forex Strategy Secrets


You will get:

Nth Degree Advanced Outline

Support Tools
-Installation video for the indicators
-Wave Alert Indicator
-Instruction Video for Wave Alert Indicator installation to MT4 Platform

Two Pivot Point Indicators
-Daily Pivot Targets( for daily use)
-AusDoc-PivotsPlus-V1 (Simulated Trading)
-Daily Pivot Targets( for daily use) Suggested Indicator settings
-AusDoc-PivotsPlus-V1 (Simulated Trading) Suggested Indicator settings

-Pivot Points Basics
-Pivot Points Trading Strategy

-Elliott Wave Presentation
-Fibonacci Made Easy
-Pivot Points Made Easy

-Fibonacci and Pivot Points Together
-Fibonacci, Pivot Points, Elliott Waves and, AO Together

-Wave Entry Alert, AO, and Moving Averages
-Trade Bias Setups

-Elliott Wave Presentation

They Call It The Nth Degree.
“This Advanced Forex Trading System Is All About Generating Massive Amounts Of Pips…With Each Trade”


Video #1: A Disappointing Trade For Kirk

This video shows you a trade that Kirk did where he missed out on 200 pips and only made 87 pips instead!


Video #2: An 8 hour trade and 198 pips that Jed did

This video shows you a trade that Jed did using Nth Degree .


Video #3: Three of Jed’s trading accounts

This video shows you three of Jed’s accounts that he traded in the last half of 2008.


“I just wanted to share my experience with the Launch Pad & Nth degree trading system. I purchased the Launch Pad trading system back in May 2008 and the Nth degree (beta version trading system back in 7 Nov 2008.

I started with a $2000 dollar trading account back in May 2008 and am currently at $6100 dollars, but I have since then taken out $ 800 to pay for materials for a new kitchen floor, another $800 that I gave to my farther-in-law, and $600 to pay off a credit card.

The Nth degree system has given me the confidence and tools necessary to replenish my account. I no longer worry about taking money out or losing $100- $300 on some trades.In fact now and then I will reward my self or save for a rainy day. “What a GREAT FEELING”.

I am hoping someday to be able to teach my kids and others this system, so they will have the skills necessary to increase their wealth to help themeselves and others.

Like the old adage.. “give someone a fish they eat for a day. Teach someone to fish they eat for a life time”.

I hope to meet you and Jed some day to personally thank you.

Trade well!”
– Walter Trinkala Chesapeake, Virginia

“Before I had found Forex Strategy Secrets, my trading was inconsistent, and unsuccessful. After working with launch pad and the Nth degree, I was making a large number of trades that were in excess of 100 pips, and some trades over 200 pips. One day, between multiple trades, I made an excess of over 700 pips! Forex Strategy Secrets was the best investment I have ever made regarding currency trading.”Thank you, – Josh A. Provo, Utah
“Despite Jump Start and Launch Pad being amazingly useful and powerful trading systems, the Nth Degree trading strategy takes trading to the next level. Not only does the system offer clearer and more precise entry and exit points, but it can allow traders to maximize profits with definitive add-on signals. Using the Nth Degree trading system, I take fewer trades on a weekly basis, but my pips and percentage of profits have increased. It is a surprisingly simple system to use, and I sincerely recommend it.” – J. Hansen Eastern Idaho
“My goals were to learn to trade from someone who makes a living from trading. I was after a complete simple trading system, one that teaches how to manage risk and margin properly. A system that teaches clear consistent entry and exit signals as well as how to add to positions. Since studying and applying the Jump Start, Launch Pad and now Nth Degree I have seen the above objectives satisfied.Nth Degree has added to the previous two in a big way and clarifies each of my above goals. I am trading more consistently and building my margin account at a steadier pace than ever before. This system is more complete top to bottom than any other system that I have ever paid for and traded. I would recommend it to anyone seeking for the same objectives.”
– Aaron Chandler Boise, Idaho

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6 reviews for Nth Degree Advanced by Forex Strategy Secrets

  1. Alexander Brooks (verified owner)

    I appreciated the real-world applications included in the course.

  2. Stephanie Hayes (verified owner)

    The lessons were clear and easy to understand.

  3. Mark Diaz (verified owner)

    The step-by-step instructions made it easy to follow along.

  4. Stephanie Hayes (verified owner)

    I appreciated the real-world applications included in the course.

  5. Camden (verified owner)

    I found the lessons to be very practical and applicable.

  6. Nathan Bryant (verified owner)

    I appreciated the clear and concise instructions.

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