Patrick Moreau – Muse Storytelling for Documentaries

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Patrick Moreau – Muse Storytelling for Documentaries

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Welcome to Muse.

A proven process to find and craft more remarkable stories.

Robust Learning Platform

Lifetime access to a learning platform engineered to teach story through the Muse process.

Real-Life Offline Tools

The Muse book, a canvas poster, and PDF templates to deliver all three process milestones to your clients.

Interactive Storytelling Software

Build stronger, more connected stories with your team in less time using Storybuilder.

Why Learn Story via Muse?

It’s estimated that we see up to 5,000 ads a day. Our attention spans are dwindling and we’re increasingly unsure about the truth in what we see and hear.

Story cuts through the noise and makes real connections. Story is what makes you memorable. Muse is built on years of research in psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, and sociology—all looking at one main thing: how we, as humans, connect. We found what grabs people’s attention, makes something memorable, and what determines whether something is felt emotionally.

Muse is a step-by-step guide encompassing a decade of experience, countless devoured journal articles, and the “why” behind it all.

6 reviews for Patrick Moreau – Muse Storytelling for Documentaries

  1. Emily Roberts (verified owner)

    Well-structured and engaging. I feel more confident in my skills now.

  2. Emily Johnson (verified owner)

    Great pacing and easy to follow. Perfect for busy professionals.

  3. Amanda Martinez (verified owner)

    The content was high-quality and well-organized.

  4. Bryan (verified owner)

    Clear and concise explanations. This course is worth every penny.

  5. Victoria Rogers (verified owner)

    The practical examples made it easy to understand the concepts.

  6. Nolan (verified owner)

    The instructor’s expertise is evident throughout the course.

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