RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint (Platinum Version)

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RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint (Platinum Version)

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This is the story of a man…
A man who grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin…A man who suffered from crippling social anxiety, loneliness, and isolation while he drank his life away in cold North American winters…
A man who was lost in darkness of his own insecurities …
This is also the story of a man…
A man who completely turned his life around.
A man who went from broke and depressed to living a baller life in Las Vegas
A man who transformed himself from beer chugging redneck to hanging out with the world’s most famous celebrities, getting invited to the best VIP-only events, and having THREESOMES multiple times per week like clockwork …
This is the story of a man named Luke.

Hi, I’m Luke,
I grew up in a very rural area of Wisconsin
I grew up on a farm where the nearest town was 45 minutes away
I grew up pretty anti-social, it was more about hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports.
I was put in social situations, and I wasn’t equipped with the tools to handle them.
I didn’t know what to do…
It wasn’t really my fault – I didn’t have the history, the experience, or the knowledge base to give me the skillset of how to actually interact with other people.
Then, as I progressed through middle school / high school – I never really focused on social life – I never went to parties, I never went to dances…
I was quite a bit – a LONER.
Then, I got into software design… I started writing computer programs – I started doing things that were very nerdy… very geeky.
And I enjoyed those things, but it just made me even more of a loner.
One of the first moments I realized that I needed to work on my social skills –
I was in high school, and I realized that I didn’t know who to sit with at lunch.
I would go in the library, read books, and code software – none of these things were very social activities.
It took several years later before I took my first bootcamp, did my first approaches, and got any results whatsoever.
I just kind of stuck to myself.
Where I maintained friendships with 1 – 2 people… I got my first kiss at 21 years old.
If you think being overweight and gaming is challenging, if you feel that not having a large social circle and trying to game is challenging…
Imagine being out of shape… in your youth… and constantly being made fun of… constantly being put down… constantly being told by the world around you that you are not enough
Constantly having fun poked at me…
Struggle, confusion, frustration, hard times…
Reinforced negative conditioning over and over again that you are not good enough…
Imagine the damaged inner game that that created…
The worry, the anxiety, the self-doubt…
But also…
Imagine the MOTIVATION that it instilled in me.
To learn the game concepts that are necessary to achieve the results that you’re after.

Here is what you will find inside
The Social Circle Blueprint:
The Core Product (12+ Hours of Deep-Dive Mastermind Content):
Conquering Fears
Overcoming the Fear of Approaching, the Fear of Rejection, the Fear of Missing Out, and how to Leverage those Fears to YOUR ADVANTAGE.
Inner Game
Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Confidence as it relates to Social Circle, Attraction, and Immediate Results Across the Board.
Mastering Logistics
Approaching, Escalating, and the Art of the Pull (Especially in High-Volume, High-Quality Environments).
Principles of Pre-Selection
Pre-Selection, Evolutionary Psychology, and The Social Trigger Points that Make Women Turned on “By Default”.
Social Capital
Social Proof, Social Capital, and How to Use Social Leverage to “Game on Autopilot”, Achieving Effortless, High-Impact Results.
Understanding High-Status Game
Club Game, and Table Game, High-Value and High-Status Game Broken Down to the Finest Details.
How To Game 9’s and 10’s
The way to get the women you thought were “too good for you”, or “out of your league”.
Save Money, Make Money
The Framework for Using The Social Circle Blueprints to Not Only Save You Money – But Actually MAKE YOU MONEY!

Exclusive After-Party Access
Staying at High-End Hotels and Renting Penthouses
Driving Exotic Cars
Meeting People in High-Value and High-Status Areas
Throwing Your Own Events with Little / No Cost

Secret Final Module
The Secret Final Module includes topics and footage that would be deemed “too real” to put in the rest of the product, you will enjoy this!
Join The Social Circle Blueprint Tribe!
Everyone who is a part of The Social Circle Blueprint Tribe is dedicated to results.
Everyone who is a part of our group is there to provide value to one another, and to maximize each others’ results.
Become a part of the Tribe and take advantage of the social arbitrage of the group.

Vegas Immersion Inside Scoop
Find out exactly how you can build massive amounts of comfort with girls by using my simple qualification technique to have her melt in your arms.
Luke and Max (Hawaii)
Take an exclusive sneak peak into our annual instructor retreat with Luke and Max in Hawaii. Get an an inside scoop into Max and Luke’s secrets of how they can self amuse themselves on autopilot. Learn how a simple free association trick can can turn them into the life of party and can generate massive amounts of attraction.
Attraction Building Sequence
In this bonus I am going to reveal the my bulletproof attraction sequence that I have previously only revealed on live programs which can help generate attraction any time any place almost effortlessly
Party Invitation
Get a chance to attend an exclusive event with Luke to put all your Social Circle Blueprint skills into action and party like a VIP with other likeminded brothers who joined the course like you did.
This super secret bonus has never been released before and will be a MASSIVE surprise.

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  1. Anna Sanders (verified owner)

    The course was well-paced and easy to follow.

  2. Stephanie White (verified owner)

    The course materials were top-notch. Excellent quality!

  3. Mateo (verified owner)

    This course exceeded my expectations! The content was thorough and well-organized. Highly recommend!

  4. Dylan (verified owner)

    I learned so much from this course. Highly recommend!

  5. Dylan (verified owner)

    I found the lessons to be very practical and applicable.

  6. Laura Griffin (verified owner)

    I learned so much from this course. The instructor’s knowledge is impressive.

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